Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a very busy Valentine's Day this year. Not only is it the day Ben proposed to me a year ago, happy engagement anniversary!, but Mollie was finally baptized! She loved her white dress and got a rose from the Primary President. We also gave her a set of scriptures with her name on it, which she was so excited to have her own!

The second collage is the flowers Ben gave me just messing around with the collage feature in Picasa. It was a very good Valentine's Day (even though I was a little sick) and we're very excited for Mollie.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carter and his potty mouth!

Christmas Story is a staple at Christmastime, at least for our family. In the scene where Ralphy gets his decoder coin and he finds out that its a "crummy commercial" he uses the naughty phrase, "son of a @!#%&". Well, Carter thought it was something to repeat. At first I was shocked, then laughed, then shocked again.

Well, we tend to say, "son of a" and not finish the phrase. Carter thought he was suppose to fill in the blank with the real word. Its horrible but I can't help but chuckle and then I tell him its a bad word. I know, I know. The more I laugh the more he'll say it. Tonight during the Super Bowl game Ben used the phrase and Carter finished it and then continued to say it. So I pulled out the camera and this is what I got...sorry its not edited for your shocking laughs.