Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Christmas Video

This year's videos were a little hard. We had to have them done by Thanksgiving which meant our filming was done in October. In other words, there were no decorations out! So, its not a Christmas theme...but it worked:)

Carter and Santa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

You know you've had a bad day when...

I have been potty training Carter. Today we were having a Halloween party and about 20 minutes before we were to leave he pooped his pants. I was in the middle of hemming his pants and not ready to go. I was already stressed so you can imagine how I reacted when he did this. So, I stuck him in the tub and said we weren't going to the party.

Well of course I had to go...but I was not happy. So, in my fit of rage to get out of the house before the party was over, I put on my shoes and left.

I was there for 45 minutes when a girl asked me, "Did you know you had 2 different shoes on? I wasn't sure if it was part of a costume..."

Um, nope. Just a little stressed out today!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Carter and his technology abilities....

Carter is obsessed with watching this Pirate video on Youtube. After 3 times its way annoying but he could watch it all day. Here he is figuring out how to make it replay by hitting the space bar. Needless to say, he pushes it ALL the time now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MAY day, MAY day another post has been made!

The month of May was not quite as busy as April, thank goodness. So it makes for a shorter post.

I got to spend the Saturday before Mother's Day with Patty Elzinga and her cute grandkids. Pathetic that the only time the fellow Brookwood folks see each other here in Arizona is when our parents are here! Life happens. Anyways, we went to the Santan Village Mall and played in the jumping water fountains then ate at Chic-Fil-A. Patty even gave me some flowers for Mother's Day. Quinn and Kelley have such good kids. Patty's too sweet and it was so good to see a familiar face down here.

Here is my little parrot. Carter repeats everything! He loves movies and listening to the music from them. Here he is quoting a line from Return of the Jedi.
"Jabba,this is your last chance. Free us, or die!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arpil Fools!.....just a few months late....

Well its been a while since I've taken the time to sit and update this thing. So, here's the skinny on our fat lives! HA HA


Noah participated in the Pinewood Derby. We had some issues with his car so needless to say, he came in dead last. Poor kid. Ben felt bad, I felt bad, Noah felt bad! When it was time for awards everyone got a certificate for participating and then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place got their special prizes. Noah, being last, got the "Flat Tire" award. A chocolate cake with a nail in it. At this point, all the boys wanted that prize which made Noah feel a lot better. Good sport in the end.

Just like the Manti Pageant, Mesa Temple has an Easter Pageant. Its just as huge and well attended. We got to go with all the kids this year. It was so good. They use real animals and neat effects. The pictures don't do it justice, since we were far back, but you get the idea.

My sister Amy came home from her mission to Fort Worth, TX. I really wanted to be there and seeing her for her homecoming wasn't good enough. I couldn't imagine missing out on the family togetherness. So, thanks to my sweet hubby who volunteered to do my baby sitting and work from home, I left Wednesday morning, April 1st. I called my dad to tell him I was coming and that it was a surprise. Carter was so good in the car. We made it to my parents and my mom wasn't home. I came in the house only to find out my dad couldn't keep it a secret and told a few of my sisters I was coming. He's so cute. But mom still didn't know. So we were there no more then 5 minutes when we hear the grocery honk...family joke. My dad, Christian and sissy Missy went to help bring stuff in. They mentioned how no one had done an April's Fool joke and how weird it was and that made my mom hesitant to come in. Her reaction was so priceless. There was me and Carter in the living room holding a sign saying: APRIL FOOLS!

Amy came home the next day and I surprised the rest of the family at the airport. It was so good to see everyone and have it be a surprise. We were just missing my brother Matt, his wifey Lauren and their cute baby Matti. It was great to see Amy and I was so glad I was there.

We celebrated Easter while I was there. We did our traditions of dying eggs and this year did our hunt in the church. Fun, and easy clean up and lots of places to hide eggs!

My sister's Heidi and Laurel were due any day. I couldn't handle it. I so wanted them to have their babies while I as there. On Saturday, Heidi and Jeff came over. Heidi was miserable and trying to pass another kidney stone. I told her I would massage her feet, reflexology style and see if I could help put her into labor. I found her kidneys and she almost hit the ceiling. Then I rubber her uterus/ovaries. Jeff left to go to Priesthood session with his dad and about 20 minutes later called him and told him to go to the hospital instead. Heidi was in major pains. Mom, Dad, Amy and Heidi left and about an hour of being there was officially induced and in labor. I was so excited!!!

Riley Noel Bethers finally came on Sunday morning during conference. There was a few difficulties getting her out but she and Heidi were fine. I had to go home the next day and Laurel was being induced. I stayed as long as I could. It was a slow labor for Laurel and finally when I was in the middle of no where and in roaming I got the call. Mary Lynne Alldredge was here! So happy to have 2 new nieces and so close.


Me and Riley

Carter giving Riley kisses

Sweet little Mary

Back to Arizona. We then celebrated Easter with the Kleck (Carter's grandma) family. They are so sweet to include us. The kids all got loads of eggs and we all had a good time. The weather was perfect even with the mini rain storm. We came home and dyed eggs and instead of hiding them, we just hid the baskets. The kids liked that.

Carter wasted no time unwrapping his chocolate bunny!

I returned to Utah again, this time with Ben for Amy's homecoming. We got to stay a week and I saw many friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. My other sister Karen was now having her baby. This time she as scheduled for a C-section on Tuesday. Now we have HAROLD (HARRY) CHRISTIAN ROBINSON!So many babies and yet another one still to come. My family is just trying to follow the prophet and multiply the earth:) Harry had a few little problems and had to stay a few days extra in the hospital.


Did I miss anything? Man, what a BUSY month!

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Small World After All...

Ever since we went to Disneyland Carter has been in love with Small World. I had the song on a CD that, up until he shoved pennies into my car CD player, he'd make me play it over and over over. I got him to sing it on video, so enjoy. The best is the end:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Disneyland and a Birthday? What could be better?!?

I turned 28 on March 20th, I cry now, and I really wanted to take advantage of the free day at Disneyland. Without a lot of convincing, Ben agreed so off we went. It was just the 3 of us, Ben, Carter and myself. We drove down Thursday evening and stayed at my brother's in-laws house. I was like a little kid, too excited to sleep so I only got about 4 hours.

We got up early and on our way stopped at the BEST donut place, Donut Man. My favorite donuts are the fresh peach and fresh strawberry but they only make them when they are in season. LUCKY for me, the strawberries are in and I was a very satisfied girl. Carter's finally at the age where he knows and understands who the characters are and I couldn't wait to see his reactions. Even though he's been 4 times it felt like I was taking him for the first time. Weeks before we went all he could talk about was riding on Dumbo. Oh, to be a child again.

We met up with Matt and Lauren after Matt got off work. Lauren's mom and sister Taylor came as well. It was so good to see everyone and Carter met Mattison, Matt's little girl, for the first time. They were so fascinated with each other. He loved giving her kisses and she kept trying to get his attention. She is such a munchy and I'm sad we don't get to see them more.

Saturday morning we spent at Disneyland then left when it was getting crowded and headed to the beach. Carter was in heaven! A giant sandbox and water! The water was so cold but Carter was oblivious. We had a blast and then Lauren's dad made us BBQ hamburger's. I brought the birthday cake since I was only wanting a Costco cake, they're the best! A great day.

We spent the next morning at Disneyland, ate at my favorite restaurant, Story Teller's Cafe, and then drove home later that evening. It was such a good weekend and a great way to celebrate your birthday. I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

February flash back...

My cousin Katie was married on February 6th and we were able to make the trip to Utah. Even though it was a very short trip it was so good to see everyone.

The 2 NONE pregos on the ends and the 4 pregos in the middle.

Me, Karen, Heather, Melissa Straw-Smith and her sister Shauna Jorgenson went to see this movie. Loved it! I just realized that it stars 3 Jennifer's; Aniston, Connolly and Goodwin. Just thought it was funny.

Here is Carter in the bathtub. He didn't know I was recording at first. Then when he does he starts singing the Clean Up song. So funny.

Here is Carter watching a movie at Grandma Nise's house.

Wearing Grandpa Lamar's hat

Carter just being Carter

Noah got his Webelo Scarf and a belt loop thing. Still not savvy on this Scout stuff.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, like the Skousen I am, I'm obsessed with Holidays and themes. I only like to watch Halloween movies in October, Christmas in November & December and of course deck my house out with appropriate decor. Well, being March, the only movie I have for St. Patrick's Day is Darby O'Gill and the Little People. It's about an old man who finds a leprechaun and how he makes his wishes. Some may find it boring, not me. It's a classic Disney. Naturally, I make Carter watch it all month long and he's really learned to like it and asks to watch it almost daily.

In the movie, a "scary banshee" ghost-like person comes to claim the soul of Darby's daughter. As kids this thing scared the crap out of us. This is Carter imitating it, and the picture is what it looks like in the movie.

He is such a funny kid and a Skousen through and through.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happiness and Harmony, that's what counts with children

Lately Carter has been in the testing mode. He knows EVERY button to push and tests me to my wits ends. The last 2 weeks have been awful. He's lucky to be alive. I tell him NOT to do something and he looks right at me and goes right on to do it. He uses my dishwasher and oven as stepping stools to get on the counters so nothing is safe.

The other day I met Ben at the mall to help him pick out new glasses. He was still in his exam so I wandered the mall and into a camera store. I had just bought myself a 44 oz. Cherry Coke and was very excited to drink the whole thing. Well I stopped to ask the man a question and Carter tried to get out of the stroller. He was buckled which of course makes no difference. He managed to dump my entire drink on the floor. I was ENRAGED! The man gets me a pack of paper towels to use. It was all over my pants, part of the counter. RAGE. So Carter's bawling because he got a swat and Ben finds us. I stand up and tell him I'm going home. Screw the glasses at this point. Ben then goes on to tell me that his exam cost 76$ instead of 15$ because it hadn't been a year since his last one.
"So when's the year mark?" I raged
WHAT THE! It was like adding insult to injury. Why couldn't he wait the 2 months? SO, now I'm raged at him. We get to the doors and I took Carter's drink and chucked it because if I didn't get one neither did he! Which made him cry again. We get to the car and Ben asks if I'm mad. Ya think?

I'm chucking Carter and the stroller into the car (obviously making a scene) and this girl comes up to us and asks to borrow some cash for gas blah blah blah. It was all I could to bite my tongue and not rage at her too. Stupid girl. So I leave Ben and said see ya at home. I rage the whole way home. Thankfully, Carter fell asleep on the way. I park and turn off the car and sit for like 10 minutes trying to get courage to finish the night. I go to get Carter out and he wakes up and says, "Sorry mama."

Dangit, now then it broke my heart that I was such a retched mother. And when Ben got home I apologized for my hagginess. And he apologized for not thinking and said he could've waited.

WHY!?! Why must we go through these trials of evil children and husbands who don't think? I still love them though and continue to deal with Carter's blatant disobedience. Good times at the Hunter home. Don't cross my path on the wrong day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a very busy Valentine's Day this year. Not only is it the day Ben proposed to me a year ago, happy engagement anniversary!, but Mollie was finally baptized! She loved her white dress and got a rose from the Primary President. We also gave her a set of scriptures with her name on it, which she was so excited to have her own!

The second collage is the flowers Ben gave me just messing around with the collage feature in Picasa. It was a very good Valentine's Day (even though I was a little sick) and we're very excited for Mollie.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carter and his potty mouth!

Christmas Story is a staple at Christmastime, at least for our family. In the scene where Ralphy gets his decoder coin and he finds out that its a "crummy commercial" he uses the naughty phrase, "son of a @!#%&". Well, Carter thought it was something to repeat. At first I was shocked, then laughed, then shocked again.

Well, we tend to say, "son of a" and not finish the phrase. Carter thought he was suppose to fill in the blank with the real word. Its horrible but I can't help but chuckle and then I tell him its a bad word. I know, I know. The more I laugh the more he'll say it. Tonight during the Super Bowl game Ben used the phrase and Carter finished it and then continued to say it. So I pulled out the camera and this is what I got...sorry its not edited for your shocking laughs.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Harry Potter

For those who don't know, Carter is big time into Harry Potter. He watches them over and over, drives me crazy. Anything can be a wand. Well this morning, we've been watching The Prisoner of Azkaban, sp?, and from time to time he loses interest and goes off to play. He was playing with his Thomas train in the kitchen and got out the broom. The next thing I know he's sitting on it! I was totally peeing my pants and was glad my camera was close by.

Monday, January 5, 2009

7 Months....

So today marks our 7 Month Anniversary. Crazy! It seems like it's been a lot longer and yet I can't believe how fast its gone. Here's to a long life ahead of us! I love you honey and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!