Monday, December 10, 2007

Carter's 1st Birthday!

Carter turned 1 on November 18th. We celebrated his big day on Thanksgiving with his cousin Nathan, who is only 4 days younger! Carter loved the cake.
He kept looking back at me making sure he wasn't going to get in trouble for touching it.
Granny Annie spent 3 hours decorating the two Winnie the Pooh cakes just to be destroyed in minutes! Carter got a few new clothes, a popper vacuum, a Noah's Ark
Little People set and a walker/rider and various other things!
I'm in for a real treat. He's already throwing
his terrible two's tantrums at 12 months!
No worries, I'll make sure he knows who's boss and that would be ME! LOVES!!!


The Skousens said...

He is growing up so dang fast...I still can't believe that he is already 1!!! I love all of his facial expressions in the pictures!


Hi Jenny! It's Tiff Campbell - how are you?! I saw a link on Heather's blog, and thought I'd say hi. Your little boy is darling...I love the cake pics! Oh, and I'm still peeing at your video on Heather's blog...I love it! Mind if I drop by every once in a while? It's good to catch up with you! -Tiff

reddoorphotography said...

He is so cute! They grow too fast! Paige is 5 months tomorrow!!! Crazy!

Quellie said...

Hey there, Jenny. Hope you don't mind us taking a look! I want to add you to our friend & fam list so we can in the future! Let me know if that's a problem! Hope you guys are well! Take care -Kellie Elzinga

Anonymous said...