Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Wedding Day!

June 5, 2008
The day started out cold and rainy. But by the time my hair was done (which Melissa and Lauren thank you!) the weather couldn't have been more perfect! We took some pics at Murray Park, before the ceremony. Yes, he saw me in my dress before I walked down the aisle! No worries I likes it.

I was having a hard time picturing the whole walking down the aisle thing so Ben and I decided to walk down together. It was kind of fun. His son Noah was our Ring "Bear" (which is what he thought it was called) and his daughter Mollie our flower girl. I wasn't going to have petals thrown before us but when she asked what she was suppose to do after she threw the petals I couldn't tell her, Oh you don't get to! So I changed my mind and they did a great job. Bishop Holley performed the ceremony and then we got to greet everyone which was fun to see all those who made it.

Dinner was a challenge. I couldn't sit in my dress very well so I looked pathetic, I'm sure! It was yummy though.

The reception was fun and everything turned out perfect! If it didn't, I didn't know about it because from my view it was beautiful. It was fun to see a lot of faces I hadn't seen in a while and nice to say goodbye. I'm still waiting for all the pics but here is a view of a few.

THANKS everyone for a wonderful wedding! I love you all and miss you!!!!


Tim, Jenae & Jaxon said...

JEN!!! I love all your pictures! You were such a beautiful bride! I'm so glad the weather turned out so nice after such a rainy morning. I'm sad you moved though, I'll miss you keep in touch!! Love ya girl!!

Deb-t said...

Oh, Jenny...the photo's are just STUNNING!!!! You look absolutely radiant in them! Good on ya sister!

How's life treating you so far? Can't wait to keep up with things on your blog. Love ya!

Toby & Emily Ryan Family said...

I'm so excited for you! E-mail me when you get to Gilbert!

wardlecrowthers said...

Oh Jenny, I miss you already! The wedding was perfect. I hope you guys can make it Cassie's reception down there, at least to see a few familiar faces. Hope everything is going good! Be careful in the heat!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...