Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arpil Fools!.....just a few months late....

Well its been a while since I've taken the time to sit and update this thing. So, here's the skinny on our fat lives! HA HA


Noah participated in the Pinewood Derby. We had some issues with his car so needless to say, he came in dead last. Poor kid. Ben felt bad, I felt bad, Noah felt bad! When it was time for awards everyone got a certificate for participating and then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place got their special prizes. Noah, being last, got the "Flat Tire" award. A chocolate cake with a nail in it. At this point, all the boys wanted that prize which made Noah feel a lot better. Good sport in the end.

Just like the Manti Pageant, Mesa Temple has an Easter Pageant. Its just as huge and well attended. We got to go with all the kids this year. It was so good. They use real animals and neat effects. The pictures don't do it justice, since we were far back, but you get the idea.

My sister Amy came home from her mission to Fort Worth, TX. I really wanted to be there and seeing her for her homecoming wasn't good enough. I couldn't imagine missing out on the family togetherness. So, thanks to my sweet hubby who volunteered to do my baby sitting and work from home, I left Wednesday morning, April 1st. I called my dad to tell him I was coming and that it was a surprise. Carter was so good in the car. We made it to my parents and my mom wasn't home. I came in the house only to find out my dad couldn't keep it a secret and told a few of my sisters I was coming. He's so cute. But mom still didn't know. So we were there no more then 5 minutes when we hear the grocery honk...family joke. My dad, Christian and sissy Missy went to help bring stuff in. They mentioned how no one had done an April's Fool joke and how weird it was and that made my mom hesitant to come in. Her reaction was so priceless. There was me and Carter in the living room holding a sign saying: APRIL FOOLS!

Amy came home the next day and I surprised the rest of the family at the airport. It was so good to see everyone and have it be a surprise. We were just missing my brother Matt, his wifey Lauren and their cute baby Matti. It was great to see Amy and I was so glad I was there.

We celebrated Easter while I was there. We did our traditions of dying eggs and this year did our hunt in the church. Fun, and easy clean up and lots of places to hide eggs!

My sister's Heidi and Laurel were due any day. I couldn't handle it. I so wanted them to have their babies while I as there. On Saturday, Heidi and Jeff came over. Heidi was miserable and trying to pass another kidney stone. I told her I would massage her feet, reflexology style and see if I could help put her into labor. I found her kidneys and she almost hit the ceiling. Then I rubber her uterus/ovaries. Jeff left to go to Priesthood session with his dad and about 20 minutes later called him and told him to go to the hospital instead. Heidi was in major pains. Mom, Dad, Amy and Heidi left and about an hour of being there was officially induced and in labor. I was so excited!!!

Riley Noel Bethers finally came on Sunday morning during conference. There was a few difficulties getting her out but she and Heidi were fine. I had to go home the next day and Laurel was being induced. I stayed as long as I could. It was a slow labor for Laurel and finally when I was in the middle of no where and in roaming I got the call. Mary Lynne Alldredge was here! So happy to have 2 new nieces and so close.


Me and Riley

Carter giving Riley kisses

Sweet little Mary

Back to Arizona. We then celebrated Easter with the Kleck (Carter's grandma) family. They are so sweet to include us. The kids all got loads of eggs and we all had a good time. The weather was perfect even with the mini rain storm. We came home and dyed eggs and instead of hiding them, we just hid the baskets. The kids liked that.

Carter wasted no time unwrapping his chocolate bunny!

I returned to Utah again, this time with Ben for Amy's homecoming. We got to stay a week and I saw many friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. My other sister Karen was now having her baby. This time she as scheduled for a C-section on Tuesday. Now we have HAROLD (HARRY) CHRISTIAN ROBINSON!So many babies and yet another one still to come. My family is just trying to follow the prophet and multiply the earth:) Harry had a few little problems and had to stay a few days extra in the hospital.


Did I miss anything? Man, what a BUSY month!