Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodbye Summer....well not yet....

It's September 24th and still reaching the triple digits. At least its the low 100's. There really hasn't been too much going on these days. I just have a few pics from the month. Carter likes to get the oven mits out and put them on like shoes. This kid seriously has a shoe fetish.

We went to our Ward Camp Out at Sharp Creek. The crappy thing about living here, if you want to go to the mountains to camp, you have to drive like 2 hours. Oh well, the temperature is cooler there. I actually slept in a tent, and I was reminded of why I don't like to. Even though we had an air mattress, it got so cold in the night that it went flat and we were freezing because the kids slept on the sleeping bags for their beds. They were nice and comfy, Ben and I not so much. Next time, if there ever is one, they can sleep on the ground. Just kidding, I'm not that mean!

Carter also is obsessed with the IPOD and I'm grateful they exist!
It's come in handy lately.

Pretty much all the odd and crazy pics of Carter are things he does himself. Here's a few examples:
He likes to climb into the dryer or stick toys and what not in it.

Yeah, I'm not lying about this one. He thinks he can use a computer. Occasionally I'll find him trying to use the mouse, this time he added the headphones. He is so gay!

This one is at Peter Piper Pizza. He was out of control climbing on all the games/toys.


crystalcookie said...

oh my your little boy is so adorable! he will be stilling alot of girls hearts!.....actually he already is doing that! i love your blog...its so cute, just like you!

Deb-t said...

This kid is totally going to be some really smart thing...maybe a big computer nerd like Danny D! You make me laugh!

The Skousens said...

Ok, so I seriously laughed out loud at those oven mits on his feet...Carter is such a goofball, I love it!!! At least he keeps you entertained throughout the day!!!

Anonymous said...