Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to Utah!

I drove up to Utah on Saturday, August 23rd. It was a long drive, but Carter did pretty good. On Sunday he touched my mom's flat iron and burned his finger. Then later that day, when family was all there, he scratched his arm. Pretty bad too. He didn't cry about it so nobody knew anything had happened. He also pulled off the handle on my mom's china hutch. Welcome home Carter! It's classic.

This is how Carter was sleeping that night we got there. He wasn't tired or anything!

Here is Carter and "Nanath"(is what Carter calls him) playing in the backyard. Now that they're finally old enough to play with each other, we have to live in another state:(

I spent the week just hanging out and going through the rest of the crap I left. On Wednesday we had a Girl's Night Out. We saw the new Sister Missionary movie, Errand of Angels. It was a cute Mormon movie. Then we ate at Spaghetti Mama's. Yummy food!

On Friday, Ben flew out. I was glad not to have to drive home alone. We celebrated my Grandma Skousen's 90th Birthday that night. Ben got to meet some more of my extended Skousen family. There's only about a million of us!

On Saturday, thanks to BIL, Sam, we got to go to the BYU game. Melissa and I learned that it is basically impossible to bring kids to a game. I didn't even know that Iowa had scored and that the quarterback was injured and the game was stalled for about 5 minutes. We were so distracted. But it was still fun. I haven't been to a game in 2 years!

We spent some time with Ben's family on Sunday. It was good to see them as well. We got a disc of wedding pics from Ben's dad. The first I've seen other than the 5 on the internet!
We drove home on Labor Day. It was about 60 degrees and raining when we left at 10:30. We got home around 9PM and it was 95 degrees. I'll miss the Fall weather! But in December, ask me again how much I like AZ weather!