Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Look, I'm blogging!

Alrighty, where to begin. I'm so good at keeping this thing updated. I guess I'll start with July. IT'S BEEN SO FREAKING HOT! This place has been a balmy 113 degrees average with no breeze and no chance of scattered showers. Now it's the monsoon season so you add 50%plus humidity. So now all I have to do is walk to the car, or vacuum, or who am I kidding, just sit there! and I sweat! It's awesome. Here is our 4th of July pic. Never mind the lovely forklift behind us.

So on the 4th, our Ward had a little breakfast and parade. Well they started it at 7AM because its so hot you have to do things that early. Well, if you know me, you know I don't get up that early. We made it a little after 8AM, missed the flag ceremony, parade and a hot breakfast. They still had food for us though. So they had a water slide set up and Carter was dying to go down it. Here is the snap shot of him going down. it's blurry but you get the idea. It was too funny. He ended up going down 3 times.

Here are just some funny pics of Carter from the last month.

A couple weeks ago, our apartment decided to flood. A pipe from our hot water heater burst under the foundation. So they pulled up the carpet, soaked up the water, jack hammered down about 2 feet to fix the leak. We were put up in a hotel for 2 nights while they fixed the problem. It was quite the ordeal. From the night I noticed the carpet was wet to the day they finished putting the carpet down, and cleaning it, it ended up being a whole week! The only good thing that came out of it, I get to organize our bedroom better then it was, and it forced us to unpack the rest of my boxes.


M & M Smith said...

Jennifer! Carter is growing up so big!!!! Cute!!! I miss you!

Toby & Emily Ryan Family said...

For heaven's sake - keep blogging! It is hot here, but it won't seem so bad next summer, I promise. Last summer I thought I was going to DIE. Not just joking, like I literally thought I would drop dead of heat stroke. IT was bad. But you adjust and the winter is AWESOME!!!

Christian & Karen Robinson said...

Get your kid out! He is such a nerd.

The Skousens said...

I was so excited that you had so many new posts!! Carter is a crack-up, I just love him!!! Looks like you've been having fun, even through the death heat!!!

Anonymous said...