Friday, October 17, 2008

Arizona State Fair

On Tuesday, October 14th, Carter's cute Grandma Nise took us to the fair. You know how fairs are, dirty, WT, kind of scary not sure why we go? Well this one was a little better than that. Still WT but also MT, if you can't figure that our you're not racist. HA HA. We met her sisters and nieces with their kids there. Let's see, 2 grandmas, 1 great aunt, 6 moms, 5 strollers and like 9 kids. We were quite the caravan. If you haven't tried Indian Fry Bread at the fair, which I never had, you are missing out! It is so yummy we got it for lunch and to take home for dinner.

I'm not a very adventurous person especially if it involves my child. But I was talked into riding an elephant! I was so nervous. It was cool but something I'd probably only do once. The elephant's name was Becky. Carter didn't seem to realize a whole lot as to what was going on, but he wasn't scared, thank goodness!

After that we walked over to the monkeys. We met BoBo and he was so cute. Carter gave him a dollar, which he took out of his hand, put it in a bucket then handed Carter a post card. It was hilarious.

Carter and Denise with BoBo

Carter petting the monkey's tail.

There was a lot of free stuff for the kids to do. It was a really fun fair. I even got my glasses and ring cleaned for free! HA HA. I love it how they try to get you to buy everything.

Carter feeding the animals. He loved the baby goats.


The Skousens said...

That really does look/sound like a fun fair...I was peeing at your MT comment!!! I can't believe you rode an elephant!

Bennifer said...

HAHA Lauren are you racist? I know, it was crazy. It was a fun day though. I miss you guys. Kiss Matti for me.

The Skousens said...

You could probably say that, jk! We use the term MT around here a lot, go figure, lol! I just kissed Matti for you! :o)

Jeff and Heidi Bethers said...

That looks like fun! I wish we could have been there too. Maybe next year we can all go to the St. Louis Fair. Word.

Anonymous said...