Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My poor laptop!

If you have a child you're constantly telling NO you can relate very well to this. Carter, the little dear, loves to play with anything that is not a toy. So, naturally, my laptop is a hot commodity. Is that the right word? Anyways, over time he has caused some major physical damage to it. He likes to open the CD drive and take CD's out or put them in. On the side there's a little push button thing that ejected this cover for extra drives, I guess that's what it is. Well he took the cover and slid it under the oven and now its gone for good. He LOVES to pull the keys off too. From the picture below you will notice just how much he loves it. Notice how I have to improvise the Left Arrow key with a different key, because he chewed on the real one! The keys that are missing, were not fixable or he lost them. He is a true devil. But, thanks to me being smart, one time, I bought the 4 year warranty on the laptop and got it all replaced for FREE! Now its like new again and I am being extra cautious in keeping him AWAY!