Friday, October 17, 2008

California here we went?

On October 9th, my parents and all my sisters, minus Amy, met me in California for Matt and Lauren's baby's blessing. First of all, Mattison is such a stinkin' doll. Of course we fell in love with her the second we found out she was born and a girl, FINALLY! Ok, back to the Cali trip. I had to drive myself, which was boring, but I survived. We met at our hotel and went to dinner. Mind you Laurel, Karen, Heather and Heidi are all pregos. They never let us forget it:) Lazy butts. (P.S. IF I am prego, you can all burn because I couldn't use it as an excuse).

Everything was decked out for Halloween, so cute!

Thanks to Brother Matt's employment with the Magic Kingdom he was able to get us in free. BTW, it is family only and he only has so many passes he can use:) Oh, but first, we got up a little after 5AM so we could be there before it opened. So Matt, Lauren and Matti met us there. We had a blast. The funny thing is we were so excited to be just us, no kids or hubbies. But half the day was spent shopping for them! We had some good times, the best was Space Mountain when our dad got left behind and I got so raged. At the seat belt check I said to the guy, "What the hell half our party got left behind!" It was one of those RAGE moments where you feel the heat and blood go to your face and its all you can do to not kill someone. Well, the guy that let us on the ride to begin with, Helium Man, because he sounded like he just inhaled some, gave us passes to go again so we could be together. I know that doesn't quite paint the picture of how it happened, but overall it was hilarious and the pictures were the best.

Since we had no kids or hubbies to drag back to the hotel, I wanted to stay and be the last ones out. I was so determined. Matt and Dad left to get the cars and us girls lingered as long as we could. We were just waiting on 3 girls with a baby to leave so we could be the last ones out. Everyone but Karen, Missy and me left to meet the cars. We pretended to take pics of the Mickey flower garden at the entrance and finally the hags left. I said to the guy as we were leaving, "What do we get for being the last ones out?" his response was, "A round of applause from me. Now get out so I can go home." He was kidding of course. But they locked the gates behind us and we made our goal! So lame, but I couldn't be prouder. We left around 1:40AM. Don't forget, we got up around 5 that morning! So once back in our hotel and in bed it was well after 2AM before we were sleeping. Now that's what I call a Day at Disneyland!

A picture of them taking a picture of us!

My cute Mom and Dad!

Heather was, by far, the ugliest on the trip. Prime Example!

I was ugly too. Like my hair extensions?

Sweet little Mattison, already hip in her shades!

I hate him!

Ray Charles, ladies and gentlemen.

I lied, Amy was there!

I told you, a doll!

I'm normal like that.

Yeah, so's my dad!

On Saturday we went to Downtown Disney and spent more money we didn't have. Then we spent the rest of the day with Lauren's fam and getting ready for the blessing.

Matt did a great job on the blessing and Matti was quiet as a mouse. After a delectable (that's totally a Heidi word) luncheon we all had to drive home and back to reality:( It was a great weekend and I loved being with my haggy, gay, cool family. I miss you guys! And I was so happy to finally meet Matti in person.

My mommy made this cute cake!

Mattison and I


Doney Days said...

I hate you! Get that damn picture of me off! I guess I'll to put the ugliest picture of you that I have! HA!

The Skousens said...

Ok, I am seriously peeing at all of the pics...and what are with those extensions, that is too funny!!! I love the pic of Matti with your sunglasses! It really was so much fun, I am so glad that all of you were able to come!!!

Christian and Karen Robinson said...

Rage at the ugliness!!

Anonymous said...