Tuesday, March 17, 2009

February flash back...

My cousin Katie was married on February 6th and we were able to make the trip to Utah. Even though it was a very short trip it was so good to see everyone.

The 2 NONE pregos on the ends and the 4 pregos in the middle.

Me, Karen, Heather, Melissa Straw-Smith and her sister Shauna Jorgenson went to see this movie. Loved it! I just realized that it stars 3 Jennifer's; Aniston, Connolly and Goodwin. Just thought it was funny.

Here is Carter in the bathtub. He didn't know I was recording at first. Then when he does he starts singing the Clean Up song. So funny.

Here is Carter watching a movie at Grandma Nise's house.

Wearing Grandpa Lamar's hat

Carter just being Carter

Noah got his Webelo Scarf and a belt loop thing. Still not savvy on this Scout stuff.


Jeff and Heidi Bethers said...

Where did you find that little boy? He is a monster :) Take videos in Dis so we can see his reactions. Love you all and congrats to Noah!

Deb-t said...

I'm seriously peeing that Carter drank his own bathwater then hated the taste and spit it out! He's evil!
Oh and the scout thing just gets worse. Jaden is 9 and I have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing with him. I wish it would all just disappear!!! Good job, Noah!

Hanz said...

Haha, Jdawg I was lauging so hard at Carter drinking his bath water!! SO funny! He is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...