Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, like the Skousen I am, I'm obsessed with Holidays and themes. I only like to watch Halloween movies in October, Christmas in November & December and of course deck my house out with appropriate decor. Well, being March, the only movie I have for St. Patrick's Day is Darby O'Gill and the Little People. It's about an old man who finds a leprechaun and how he makes his wishes. Some may find it boring, not me. It's a classic Disney. Naturally, I make Carter watch it all month long and he's really learned to like it and asks to watch it almost daily.

In the movie, a "scary banshee" ghost-like person comes to claim the soul of Darby's daughter. As kids this thing scared the crap out of us. This is Carter imitating it, and the picture is what it looks like in the movie.

He is such a funny kid and a Skousen through and through.


The Skousens said...

You're such a geek! Carter is too funny...he makes me laugh, I can't wait to see him!!!

Jeff and Heidi Bethers said...

Haha! He is from hell! And get Katie out, I was peeing. He is a smart monkey.

Doney Days said...

He's the gayest! We watched it last night and Lindsay wanted to watch the Banshee and Gavin and Zane wanted us to fast forward it. It's funny to hear Gavin and Carter say Darby O'Gill.

Anonymous said...