Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happiness and Harmony, that's what counts with children

Lately Carter has been in the testing mode. He knows EVERY button to push and tests me to my wits ends. The last 2 weeks have been awful. He's lucky to be alive. I tell him NOT to do something and he looks right at me and goes right on to do it. He uses my dishwasher and oven as stepping stools to get on the counters so nothing is safe.

The other day I met Ben at the mall to help him pick out new glasses. He was still in his exam so I wandered the mall and into a camera store. I had just bought myself a 44 oz. Cherry Coke and was very excited to drink the whole thing. Well I stopped to ask the man a question and Carter tried to get out of the stroller. He was buckled which of course makes no difference. He managed to dump my entire drink on the floor. I was ENRAGED! The man gets me a pack of paper towels to use. It was all over my pants, part of the counter. RAGE. So Carter's bawling because he got a swat and Ben finds us. I stand up and tell him I'm going home. Screw the glasses at this point. Ben then goes on to tell me that his exam cost 76$ instead of 15$ because it hadn't been a year since his last one.
"So when's the year mark?" I raged
WHAT THE! It was like adding insult to injury. Why couldn't he wait the 2 months? SO, now I'm raged at him. We get to the doors and I took Carter's drink and chucked it because if I didn't get one neither did he! Which made him cry again. We get to the car and Ben asks if I'm mad. Ya think?

I'm chucking Carter and the stroller into the car (obviously making a scene) and this girl comes up to us and asks to borrow some cash for gas blah blah blah. It was all I could to bite my tongue and not rage at her too. Stupid girl. So I leave Ben and said see ya at home. I rage the whole way home. Thankfully, Carter fell asleep on the way. I park and turn off the car and sit for like 10 minutes trying to get courage to finish the night. I go to get Carter out and he wakes up and says, "Sorry mama."

Dangit, now then it broke my heart that I was such a retched mother. And when Ben got home I apologized for my hagginess. And he apologized for not thinking and said he could've waited.

WHY!?! Why must we go through these trials of evil children and husbands who don't think? I still love them though and continue to deal with Carter's blatant disobedience. Good times at the Hunter home. Don't cross my path on the wrong day!


Deb-t said...

HA HA HA!!!! This is me laughing out loud, Jenny because I can hear every bit of anger and rage coming out in your post. I funniest part EVER was that you chucked Carter's drink too just so that he can't have one if you can't. I about died!
.....this one was a good one! Thanks for the laugh!

Doney Days said...

I am PEEING my FREAKING PANTS!!!!! The best is that you chucked Carter's drink too! Dang kid!

Anonymous said...